Cloverine Salve Review


Vaseline is undoubtedly the most useful and the most used items in our beauty kit. I have seen Vaseline for so many years. I have used Vaseline in all sizes – the huge tubs to the small ones as well. However, off late I am kind of bored with Vaseline and have been experimenting with different brands and products. I was recently shopping on and came across this product ‘Cloverine salve’. I instantly bought it. I have used the Smith Rosebud salve and the C.O.Bigelow salve and was tempted to try this one too. Read below to see if this product can be replaced Vaseline or not.

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Price: $3.99

Quantity: 1 oz./ 28.4gms

Ingredients: The active ingredient is petrolatum


Claims: No fancy claims.


My thoughts on the product:

This brand and the product have been around since 1860 but this is the first time I have actually come across this salve. This is a clear balm, packed in this beautiful and pretty white tin with mild to no scent. The mild scent is very fresh which I thought was like fennel seeds. The fact that this salve is clear makes me feel I am going to use it in many different ways. The Smith and CO Bigelow salve are tinted ones and I end up using it only on my lips.


The word ‘salve’ already makes me think this is going to be a very lightweight balm. And Cloverine salve is exactly what I thought. I first applied Cloverine on my lips and it gives a luxurious feeling to my lips. I simply fell in love with the product. Also this product doesn’t have a tingling sensation that I find quiet annoying. What I liked most about this product is its balm like texture. This doesn’t feel oily like the Vaseline. I applied it on the back of my hand and it didn’t leave an oily or a sticky feeling. Your skin instantly soaks it. I think it’s a great product to carry in your handbag. It’s a sleek and pretty tin. However, I feel the lid of the tin is very loose and it may just open in my handbag and create a mess. This is the only complain I have with the product. Also, the packaging and fragrance is very unisex. So anyone can have this product. I think this is a great product to have in your bag. I am that I bought this as I was completely bored of using my Vaseline.


  1. The consistency and the texture of the salve
  2. Pretty tin packaging
  3. No fragrance
  4. Clear balm
  5. Available in many drugstores
  6. Anyone can use it


  1. The lid of the tin is loose

Will you repurchase? If I am able to finish this one, I will.

Ratings: 4.8/5…


Have you guys used cloverine or any other salve? If you guys have any amazing salve suggestions please leave your comments below.


Mint Julep Mask Review


I was looking for a mask that is great for summer time on my combination to normal skin. I have been wanting to try the Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask and instantly bought it. This is the first time I am using this and read below to know my thoughts.


Price: $4 approximately

Quantity: 8 Oz/ 227 gms







My thoughts on the product:

When I applied it, the first thought that came to my mind was ‘is it a toothpaste’? The moment you apply this light green colored mask, there is a cool feeling on your skin and it also has a faint minty smell to it that makes you think it’s a version of toothpaste. But as it begins to dry up you can smell sulphur which is not overpowering and doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable in any way. I think it is this ingredient that actually helps in treating acne. The best thing about this product is it doesn’t have a tingly cold feeling on your skin that some mint products have which almost numbs your skin. I steer clear from those kind of products. Mint Julep mask just cools down your skin especially if you have been out in that sweltering heat. This mask has definitely contributed in clearing up my acne as it helps treat acne by controlling the skin’s oiliness and shrinking the pores. I usually leave this on my skin for more than 15 minutes. And it doesn’t dry up my skin or anything of that sort. I feel it works better when I leave it for about 30 to 45 minutes. I sometimes apply it on my acne spots and leave it overnight. It does a great job in clearing up those acne spots as it aids in drying them up and drawing out the impurities that causes acne. All in all, wearing this mask is a treat as it leaves you rejuvenated. All you girls out there with normal to combination skin and acne should definitely give this a try. Girls with dry skin and acne can try spot treating acne with this mask. It’s a basic mask that does what it claims to do.



  1. Comes in a squeeze tube – hygienic and prevents from drying up
  2. Affordable
  3. Availability is not an issue
  4. Easy to use
  5. Great for acne skin
  6. No tingling or cold sensation on skin although it contains mint
  7. A lot of product for the price



Nothing at all as I absolutely love this!!

Will you repurchase? Yes, I will. I am also interested in trying the mud pack after this.

Ratings: 5/5..


Oxy Daily Defense Cleansing Pads


I have been suffering from acne since my teens. I had a lot of acne then. I regret not taking much care of my skin during my teens. But over the years, I have learnt how to treat my skin and the ingredients that actually help my skin to look better. One of them is salicylic acid. It is found in a lot of acne care products such as moisturizers, face cleansers and acne treatment creams. I decided to try the salicylic acid pads from Oxy. I had a coupon from CVS and I had read of Oxy Pads being an effective treatment of acne for many.


Price: $4 (with the coupon)

Quantity: 115 pads

Ingredients: Active ingredient being salicylic acid 2%


Directions: Use a pad to cleanse and cover the affected area with a thin layer of medicine 1 to 3 times a daily because too much drying can occur. Start with one application and gradually increase to 2 to 3 applications.



My take on the product:

The moment you open the jar, you can smell the strong fumes which I think is alcohol combined with salicylic acid. I take a single pad and wipe it on my face, avoiding the eye are, and onto my neck. I stop wiping with it when I start to feel that the pad is going dry. Yes, the pad goes dry after about 2 minutes, similar to a hand sanitizer. So, keep the jar tightly closed after you have taken out the pad. The new jar is sealed with an air tight foil that needs to be broken.


I apply this only once in a day. Before going to bed, I use one pad to wipe my face. Then I use a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide over it. I have done this treatment for a month and I can say that I see substantial results. I see no cystic acne that I had before using this. Now there are a few tiny boils which is clearing up. Prior to this, I only used the benzoyl peroxide which I did not find effective in treating my acne. All in all I am very happy the way it is working for me. I plan to continue this treatment every night. I do not plan on using these pads more than once a day. I think using this more than once may dry out my skin. So far I am liking the results. Right now, I can describe my skin as normal to combination. If you have an oily skin, you can use it more than once. Dry skinned people should be cautious while using this as it can be very drying.


  1. Affordable
  2. Easy to use
  3. Available at drugstore


  1. The strong fumes

Will you repurchase? Yes, I will definitely buy these pads. If you suffer from acne and have combination to oily skin then definitely give this product a try.

Ratings: 5/5..