H2O Lip Mender Review


To start with, I would like to tell you all that I have an oily skin (which is also sensitive and acne prone) and dry, chapped lips… I know that is a horrible combination. I wonder if I could swap the dryness of my lips and oiliness of my face. Now, I am forever splurging on products that help me tackle my problem skin and chapped lips. I love to splurge a lot on lip balms. Today, I am going to review the ‘H2O lip mender’. I purchased this from an online website, I think it was Urban touch, not very sure though.

Price: Rs 520 (on discount); Rs 650 (actual MRP)

Quantity: 15 ml

I think the quantity for the price that we pay is quite fair. It comes in a tube packaging with a slanted tip. I am not fond of such packaging as I find it difficult to use. The texture of the product is such that it calls for a tube packaging.

Claims: A conditioning lip balm formulated with hydrating marine algae and vitamin E to smooth away the appearance of fine lines while protecting against dehydration. Infused with herbal mint essences. Hydrating algae: sea fennel, sea lettuce, wakame

Use: Use alone or under lipstick. Reapply as needed.

Ingredients: Petrolatum,microcrystalline wax, beeswax, phenyl trimethicone, ethylexhyl, methoxycinnamate, flavor, tocopheryl acetate, isopropyl myristate, limonene, linalool, undaria pinnatifida extract, ulva lactuca extract, crithmum maritimum extract, methylparaben, propylyparaben

My Experience with the product:

Upon applying, this product gives a mild cooling effect that stays for about 10 seconds; this is because of the mint essence it contains. It is completely colorless and melts away as you rub on your lips. If you happen to ooze out too much product than required, then the area around lips becomes oily which definitely makes it a no-no for daytime use. You don’t want to look like an infant who just smothered something on the face. Also, the staying power of the product is very less. It is wiped of easily upon drinking water or eating something. Due to this, I use it exclusively before going to bed. When I usedthis product during the night, I did notice that it does what it claims. It does smooth away the fine line that is caused due to dryness and my lips feel smooth and hydrated. If you have to use this under a lipstick then you need to apply it, wait for some time, wipe the excess with tissue then apply lipstick. This product does not have fragrance, did not give any rashes on anything of that sort on my lips. During the summers, it melts in the tube. Comes out like oil.


1)      No fragrance

2)      Didn’t cause any rashes


1)      It gets too oily on application

2)      Cannot be used during day time

3)      Less staying power

4)      Melts easily

Ratings: Not really impressed with this product. I see more cons than pros. I rate it 3/5

Recommended: I would not recommend this product as such but if you want to buy a product which you want to use in the night. But then, there are other brands available in the market which are better and reasonably priced.

Hope you all like the review!

Update: This product is working well as a day/night lip balm during the winters. It does not melt like it did in the summers and has a creamy consistency.

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