hiphop Facial Wax Strips Review


Most women face the trauma of dealing with hairs on their face especially upperlips and chin. Going to the parlour every now and then gets a li’l boring in. Out of laziness I decided to try out these ‘All Natural hiphop Facial Wax Strips’. Today, I am going to review these strips and warn you against these. I immediately decided to write a post on this because I have used this product on my upperlip and have had terrible after effects. I bought these wax strips from a departmental store. Contents: 12 (6×2) pre-coated ready to use wax strips & 1 after depil towelette Price: MRP Rs. 40 Ingredients: Gum, Bees wax, Castor oil, BHT, Ester wax, Oleic acid, Mineral oil ImageImageImage How to use: It contains a sheet that tells… how to use (see pic) Image Cons:

  1. I used this strip on my upperlip area and had terrible after effects. Its very harsh on the skin. When I pulled the strip, I felt as if I pulled my skin along.
  2. Left me with raw and red skin. The very next day I also developed boils around the upperlip area.
  3. I wonder when will it heal and hoping that it doesnt leave a scar on my upperlip area. I cant move out of my home with this face. Luckily I have one whole week of prep leave for my xams.

Likes: NONE. Will I repurchase??  No, NEVER. I threw away the other strips immediately. In my opinion no one should buy this product or even look at it if u ever happen to come across this product in any store or beauty center. Since the time I have used this hiphop thing, I have been cursing that one demon on this earth who thought of making this ugly product. Ratings: This product gets no ratings. Before I sign off, I warn all the ladies to stay away from this ‘hiphop facial wax strips’. I suggest using Veet waxing strips cut in small thin strips. The formulation of the Veet wax is gentle  on the skin unlike the hiphop ones. There are many videos on YouTube, which tell you how to use the Veet wax strips. I have tried them and it works very well for me.

PS: I followed Zukreat’s youtube video… here is the link to it.

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  1. Hi,

    could u pls let me know how to use veet wax strips on the face/ which is the youtube link? And is it safe for sensitive skin?

    • Hi Shweta, I have posted a link to a youtube video that I followed. And if you live in the US, I suggest u try the Sally Hansen’s lip eyebrow face wax. If you live in India, you can look for ‘katori wax’ at your local beauty supply store. Katori wax is similar to the Sally Hansen lip eyebrow face wax. Let me know if you want me to do a post on that. 🙂

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