Enliven Skin Care Cocoa Butter Hand and Body Lotion Review


Moisturizing your skin all the year round has many benefits. It is very important to moisturize the skin (read: face and body)every time you come out of a shower to keep hydrated, supple, soft, even toned, healthy, glowing and to keep stretch marks at bay . I always buy and keep a large sized bottle on my dressing /vanity table. I reach out for this as soon as I walk out of a shower which is usually twice a day. During the winters, I moisturize regularly 3 times a day.

Today, I am going to review ‘Enliven Skin Care Cocoa Butter Hand and Body lotion’. I was actually sold by the ‘Made in England’ tag and the price tag of the product.

large size bottle

large size bottle

Price: Rs. 165 for a discounted price on an online store. I think it was medplusbeauty.com

Quantity: 400 ml

Ingredients: It contains all sort of parabens.

Ingredient list

Ingredient list

My Experience with the product: Usually I buy a product after I try the small sized bottle and then go in for the large size ones. When I first saw this product online, I totally wanted to buy this product. It was dirt cheap price for such a huge bottle. Also, there was no smaller size available. So I went ahead and bought this. ‘Enliven Skin Care Cocoa Butter Hand and Body lotion’ had a very mild cocoa fragrance which was not so pleasant somehow. The consistency was very very runny. It spilled almost every time I opened the flip cap. My skin types is normal to oily and I live in Mumbai (read: humid weather) and It did nothing to keep my skin hydrated. This product failed me completely.

runny consistency of the lotion

runny consistency of the lotion




  1. Very okayish fragrance
  2. Very runny consistency
  3. No moisturizing properties
  4. Waste of money
  5. Useless product
  6. Contains parabens


Will I repurchase??  No. I will not repurchase this product. This product was a total dud for me, so much that I just do not want to try any other product from this brand. ‘Made in England’ dump product. I will go back and repurchase our Indian Himani Boro Plus advanced moisturizing lotion, Pond’s, Vaseline, Jergens.

Ratings: This product gets no ratings. This was just a bad product for me.

Have you tried a product that has failed you completely (and you want to warn me)? Please leave your comments below….

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