Ocean Large Powder Brush Review


I was looking for a large powder brush to apply the loose powder. I walked into a local beauty supply store and found this brush from a brand called ‘Ocean’. I am going to review the large powder brush from the brand ‘Ocean’.

Price: Rs. 150

Bought from: A local beauty supply store

My Experience with the product:

The lady at the beauty supply store opened this huge box which had many large brushes from different (read: unknown) brands. She asked me to choose whichever I liked. I choose to purchase this ‘Ocean’ brush. What I first liked about the brush is that it was really fluffy and soft and it comes with a plastic brush guard. I bought it home and first washed it with mild soapy water and I noticed that lots of bristle shedding. I have used it a couple of times and it continues to shed many bristles. Some stick to my face, some fall on my clothes… it is very annoying to see that. I suggest you invest in a good brand to avoid this kind of a problem. I feel after using it for a few more times there will not be any bristles left in it.


  1. Really fluffy
  2. Not at all scratchy
  3. Nice and soft bristles
  4. Affordable
  5. Comes with a plastic brush guard


  1. Sheds like crazieeee…

Bristle shed

Ratings: 2/5

Will I repurchase?

Not these fluffy kinda brushes as it shed a lot of hair… May be the tinier brushes such as angled brush, a concealer brush or a mascara wand that won’t shed hair because the quality of the bristles is good and comes with a wooden handle.

P.S.: Right now, I am considering pressing that metal closer hoping that the bristles will be packed together tighter reducing the shedding. If that thing works then I am going to update a picture and tell you how I did it. If that does not work out then I may just use it to clean my keyboard or something like that.

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