Avon Naturals Strawberry and Kids Swirling Strawberry Lip Balm Review


I am a hoarder of lip balms. I decided to write a review of a lip balm that I have repurchased the most. Today, I am going to review the strawberry lip balms from Avon.

Quantity:  4.7 g

Product claims: Moisturize and hydrate your lips. The mild and gentle lip balm contains strawberry extract, vitamin E, a blend of coconut and almond oils, and shea and cocoa butter. Recommended for kids aged 3 and up.

Warning:  For external use only. Keep out of reach of children under 6 except under adult supervision

Ingredients: The list is missing but the ingredients mentioned in the product claims could be the products used. Shea and cocoa butter can I have been using the product since a very long time. This has caused me no irritation or any other side effects till date.

My Experience with the product:

This was one of the first lip balms I have used apart from the Vaseline tube. Back then, this lip balm came in a tiny tub (dibba) kind of packaging. Today, these come in a twist up tube packaging which I think are hygienic, easier to use and travel friendly. This is the lip balm that I have repurchased the most.

Avon launched these 2 new variants in the beginning of the year 2013.

  1. Avon strawberry lip balm which is tinted, tasteless and mild strawberry fragrance priced Rs 99 or Rs 79 if it is on discount
  2. Avon swirling strawberry lip balm for kids which is non-tinted, strawberry flavoured that tastes sweet and moderate strawberry fragrance Rs 119 or Rs 89 if it is on discount


Prior to this, they had only one variant of strawberry lip balm which was tinted, strawberry flavored that tasted sweet and also had a  nice strawberry fragrance. Personally, I liked it a lot and Avon shouldn’t have scrapped the original strawberry lip balm. Many of my friends also like the original version and wish if we can get it back. I hope Avon is reading this.

My friend still has the original strawberry lip balm. I have snapped some pictures of those.



  1. Moisturizing property
  2. Gentle on lips
  3. Mild and yummy strawberry fragrance
  4. Reasonably priced
  5. Pretty pink tinted, not at all OTT


  1. Nothing at all except that they discontinued the original one

Ratings:  4.9/5… -0.1 for scrapping the original variant

Would I repurchase? Yes, I totally loveeee both the strawberry and the kids swirling strawberry. I would definitely repurchase both.



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