Pond’s flawless white visible lightening daily lotion review


It is important to moisturize your skin no matter what type of skin types you are.  Combination-oily skin type also needs to be moisturized. My skin is acne prone and during the summers, it gets oilier than usual. With the scorching Mumbai heat, I need a moisturizer that hydrates my skin, protects it from the harmful UV rays and is also safe on my acne prone skin. Today, I am going to review one such moisturizer that has been my savior.

How tall is the bottle!

How tall is the bottle!

Price: Rs 449 but I purchased it on a discount for Rs 379 on medplusbeauty.com

Quantity: 75 ml

Ingredients: Niacinaminde (vitamin B3), Allantoin, steraic acid, titanium dioxide and water

Claims: Noticeably lightens skin, reduces dark spots and blemishes

To use: Use every morning after cleansing skin. Smooth lotion over entire neck and face with your finger tips.

ponds 4 

My Experience with the product:

Pond’s flawless white visible lightening daily lotion is light weight lotion which is baby pink colored and has a mild floral fragrance that I like. It comes in a tall white round sleek pump bottle with a pink colored hard plastic cap. I like that it comes in a pump bottle but I hate the cap. It makes the bottle taller and the cap doesn’t fit at all. When I am carrying the bottle, the cap comes off and is lying in a corner of my bag leaving the pump dispenser contaminated.

Going on to the lotion, I apply onto my skin immediately after I wash my face; that way it soaks up instantly. The lotion contains multiple UV protections to protect the skin from harmful UV rays. Well, apart from the moisturizing qualities, I would like to emphasize on its skin brightening properties. My skin is prone to tanning and dullness, but the time since I have started using this lotion, I feel my skin doesn’t look dull anymore. It has prevented my skin from tanning. This lotion has not caused any breakouts or any kind of irritation to my skin. Even after 3 – 4 hours my skin doesn’t look oily or anything of that sort. Since it soaks into the skin within seconds of applying, it forms a good base for make-up.

ponds 3 


  1. Light weight lotion apt for combination-oily skin
  2. Hydrates the skin without making it look greasy
  3. Brightens the skin
  4. Comes in a pump dispenser
  5. Comes with multiple UV protection
  6. No irritation to acne prone skin
  7. Good moisturizer for wearing under make-up


  1. Little pricey for a moisturizer
  2. Not travel friendly

Ratings:  4.5/5…

Will I repurchase? Yes, definitely. This is a summer must have for me. If you have combination to oily and an acne prone skin, do give this lotion a try.

P.S.: I do not believe in the fairness claims that many brands make because one cannot become fairer. One can treat their skin from looking dull and dehydrated, fade any scars, bleach the dark hair on the skin and de-tan their skin to bring it back to the normal complexion. But you cannot become fairer; this is just my opinion. Indian beauty brands promote too much of this fairness thing and I am not in favour of this.

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