DIY Hair removal Tool/ Spring Hair Removal/ Epistick/ myspringit


It can be quite a painful task for some to have their upper lip hair and chin waxed or threaded and plucking the hair requires too much attention. I have discovered this extremely useful hair removing tool that I am going to reveal here.

When I was surfing YouTube and other blogs, I came across this tool called ‘myspringit’ which is sold for USD 15.99 each which is approximately Rs 870 (excluding the shipping charges). This original thing comes in four colors i.e., red, black, mild, pink and salmon. The spring is a metal one, which is standard, only the handles at the end comes in different colors. Rs 870/$15.99 is way too much for a mere spring like thing.

I was looking for dupes and I found one that looks and works ditto like the original one but comes in only peach colored handles, which is pretty, in my opinion.


My Experience with the product:

This is a very useful tool to epilate the hair on upper lip and chin. It’s a bit painful because it epilates the hair, even the tiniest of hair. The best thing is that it doesn’t leave your skin red and sore. I am left with red and sore skin especially after repetitive waxing in an attempt to remove every tiny hair and threading leaves bruises on the loose skin if not done with proper care. This epistick spring tool is really handy and travel friendly. I only use it on my upper lips and chin. This can be used on entire face. I haven’t tried it because I don’t have facial hair other than lip and chin that need to be removed.

To Use: Hold the peach handles, bend it, hold it against the skin, start rolling it between your index and thumb finger, simultaneously taking the stick upwards. I know this may sound too complicated but once you have the epistick, you would know how to use it.

Tip: I would suggest that you do not share this with anybody for hygiene purposes.

spring it 5

I had a tooth brush case lying around and I thought it’s a perfect holder for this tool. See how nicely it fits in.


I bought this and a few other things from It ships internationally. It took around 21 days/3 weeks to reach me (Mumbai, India) from the date of order. I am happy with my purchase as they reached me safely. There were no mishaps with the  parcel.

Link to

Price on $3.74 which is around Rs 200 (shipping is another $3)

All my readers from India who are reading this, I also found this product on I haven’t shopped from this site so I cannot say much. This product was out of stock but you can keep an eye in case they stock this product again.

Link  to

Price on Rs 350

Will I repurchase? It is a mechanical tool. I will definitely repurchase if this tool wears off over time. I am soon going to buy one for my mom and my sister.

Ratings: 5/5… I don’t know who made this tool; she/he must be a genius!! Who thought a mere spring would be such a useful product!

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