Baking Soda/ DIY home remedy for acne


The main purpose of this blog was to share how I dealt with my oily skin and acne. Here is the first volume of the oily/acne prone skin solutions.

I have been wearing make-up since a very long time. The make-up I wore never looked nice and wore of easily mainly because of two reasons:

  1. I never knew how to wear make-up – wrong color selection, using fingers (I had no idea that there was something called as make-up brushes) and using wrong products that is not meant for my skin types.
  2. Skin with acne and blemishes is never a good canvas for make-up. Believe it or not; having an even skin is very important for a nice make up application.

It is very important to treat and control the acne on your face. Here is my first acne solution:

Baking Soda/ Sodium bicarbonate/soda bi carb mixed in water or rose water

Works for: normal skin, oily and acne prone skin, skin that has large pores.

Doesn’t work for: sensitive skin, dry skin.

Price: The tiny tub of 50 gms showed in the pic costs Rs 35 and I can use it upto 5 – 7 times

Bought from: local grocery store

Caution: I wouldn’t recommend this to sensitive skinned women as their skin may go red, cause irritation and can lead to a high burning sensation on your skin. I would not recommend this to dry skinned women as it can irritate skin leading to further dryness of the skin.  

My experience of using this solution:

The very first time I used this solution, it gave me a burning sensation. I had to take it off even before it dried.  I did notice a lot of difference from the very first time I used. My skin felt very smooth, the pores looked smaller and the skin was less oily. This solution literally corrodes the acne. When you apply it and wash off, the next day you will notice that the bump on the skin literally dries and you can peel off the skin. In the winters, my skin goes dry. This mask made my skin all the more dry. So I restricted the use of this mask to just twice in a month.

Dos and Donts:

  1. Mix it with rose water or water and no other solution.
  2. Do not keep it on your skin beyond 15 mins
  3. Do not use it on an everyday basis. Once in 10 days or 15 days works very well.
  4. Wear this mask only during the night for 10 mins and rinse off followed by a heavy moisturizer.
  5. Always use a heavy moisturizer after using this mask. I have an oily skin and I use a vitamin e oil or almond oil. Yes, this mask is very harsh.

All the oily skinned beauties, if you have been suffering from prolonged acne, then definitely try this mask.

Disclaimer: Everyone has a different skin type. I have a sensitive acne prone skin and oily skin and this mask worked wonders for me. It is very harsh on the skin but showed results for me. Please test it on a patch of skin before you use it and use it at your own risk.

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