Are you stressed or tired??? All you need is a SPA at The Four Fountains Spa


Beauty is skin deep. Whoever said it, has said it right. Here are many reasons why you should get one SPA right away. A spa can help in de-stressing and relaxing your body to a great extent. I am Finance professional and work for an MNC. 9.5 hrs at the office and commuting 3 hours in the Mumbai traffic and with the scorching heat, what better way than to treat your stressed body at a SPA. Being stress-free reflects on your outer beauty by making your skin glow anyway (trust me, it really does). I always felt sleeping on the weekends makes up for the 5 days of stress. But, a spa does much more than that. I got an opportunity to visit The Four Fountains Spa and it was a beautiful experience.

Entrance of the Spa    Reception of the Spa

My Experience at The Four Fountains Spa:

I don’t believe in facials. I feel most of the facials do not work on my sensitive skin and make it break out all the more. I take care of my skin by myself. I opted for a beauty body spa as the heat is taking a toll on my problem skin. I opted for a Bastar Mitti Body Wrap which falls under the beauty therapy category. The therapy was for 1 hour and it involved

  1. Jasmine body Polish – the body was polished using sea salt and Jasmine oil. Sea salt is known to have healing properties for skin problems such as acne, rashes and allergy. Jasmine oil is excellent massage oil and it tones sensitive and irritated skin as it has anti-bacterial properties. It is also an anti-depressant.
  2. Bastar Mitti Wrap – this was a mask applied on the skin to close the pores, which opened due to polishing. It was mixture of multani mitti, bastar oil, rose water and lemon juice.

My spa area

In the very beginning, I gave a small overall health test at the reception. They guided me in choosing the right therapy and then led by my therapist to the spa section. I was given a set of disposable garments to change. The Jasmine body polish was done for 25 mins. After the body polishing, I was asked to wash off the sea salt. Then the mask was applied to my body and wrapped in a plastic sheet. I kept this for around 25 mins and bathed. I was given a tiny bowl of moisturizer. I requested for a hair dryer. There is a small locker where you can keep your valuables.

Here is why you should go to The Four Fountains Spa….

  1. It is AFFORDABLE. Yes, you read it right. The maximum price that I saw on their menu was Rs 2099. All the therapies are under Rs 2099.
  2. Very nice ambience – the lighting in the spa gives you the relaxed feeling, there is soothing music, and the staff is well trained. They are warm and make you feel comfortable throughout. A special mention to Savita who was therapist; she was very sweet and made me feel very comfortable.
  3. The spa smells nice; of all that nice aroma oils that they use
  4. They use herbal products, which does no harm to your skin in any way. All the products used at the spa is sourced from The Four Fountains Spa. Their therapies are simplified ones; no mind-boggling words or any complex names involved here.
  5. The Spa is very clean and tidy. I faced no hygiene issues. The clothing that they provide is disposable ones.
  6. They provide salon services as well. This salon section is called Jazz up salon.

Jazz Salon

How did I feel after the SPA?

The whole spa session was a very nice experience. I had some heat rashes and reddening of skin on my back and chest area, which subsided after 2 days; this is a major difference that I noticed. I am definitely going to try another therapy on their menu.

Do I recommend?

Yes, if you are looking for an affordable spa; and are a first time spa-goer, then The Four Fountains Spa should be your choice.

If you stay in Mumbai, then you can dial these numbers to take an appointment at your nearest branch:

Bandra: 64536677/64535599

Malad: 65294449/65295551

Powai: 65144044/65130022

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