Blistex Regular Lip Balm with SPF15 review


Blistex is a US leading brand founded in 1947. Blistex manufactures, tests and distributes a full line of quality lip care products.  They have their own manufacturing and corporate headquarters complex in Oak Brook, IL. Blistex has entered the Indian market recently. It is manufactured and marketed by Elder Healthcare Ltd. in India under license from Blistex Inc., Oak Brook, IL.

Blistex lip balms are not available everywhere easily but I happened to spot this one at a local chemist.

Variant: Blistex Lip Balm Regular

Price: Rs 105

Quantity: 4.25 gms/ 0.15 oz

Blistex Pack    Blistex tube

Active Ingredients: Dimethicone, Oxybenzone, Padimate O

Uses/ Claims: Helps prevent and temporarily protects chapped, cracked or windburned lips; Helps prevent sunburn; Higher SPF provides more sunburn protection.

Directions: Apply liberally and evenly before sun exposure and as needed.

Caution: Discontinue use if rash or irritation occurs.

Blistex 2

My experience with the product.

Firstly, the packaging of the tube is flimsy and of bad quality. I usually keep a lip balm in my pocket and this tube keeps poking me  : | Secondly, this lipbalm is like any other lip balm that comes in a tube. This regular one smells and gives a cooling effect like that of Vicks vaporub, but not as strong as the vicks; much milder than Vicks. It is pinkish peach in color but is not tinted; and has no taste. It comes with SPF 15 (even other drugstore lip balms have SPF 15, nothing extraordinary!). This lip balm does not leave a whitish cast. I need to reapply it every now and then. Once this lip balm goes off from lips, my lips feel dry and stretchy; not a good feeling. I do not have very dry lips. Usually, after I apply a lip balm and the lip balm is gone from the lips, my lips feel soft and hydrated, not dry and stretchy as this one makes me feel. This product failed to impress me. It didn’t do anything great for my lips. I would rather buy a Nivea or an Avon that is easily available.

Blistex 4


  1. Has no taste
  2. Does not leave a whitish cast on lips
  3. Affordable
  4. Has SPF 15
  5. No side effects


  1. Not Available Everywhere
  2. Reapply very often
  3. Makes lips feel dry and stretchy after a while
  4. Flimsy and bad quality packaging
  5. Smells and feels like milder version of Vicks Vapourub
  6. Less staying power

Ratings: 2.8/5…

Will I Purchase? Not this one… I am turned off but I may try another one. I must not judge a brand by one product. I have read reviews of Blistex being a No 1 lip care brand in the US, but I am disappointed at the quality of the product.

P.S.: I may go to US in a while. I will definitely buy and try Blistex there. I will make a comparative review.

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  1. Hi the,
    Thanx for d review but sad I didnt read it b4 buying this stuff. I hv also bought d same stick of Blistex & I m also disappointed :(.
    Although it lasts long on me, it is thr on my lips in d morning after staying for a full night, but as u said –
    it feels dry & stretchy after application
    it feels like a heavy layer sitting on my lips all d time &
    when its not on my lips, they feel very dry. I mean it doesnt hydrate or soften them.
    even d application is not smooth. Its kind of hard & I hv to rub it many times. It doesnt glide smoothly.
    I dont know if d prob is with my piece only, but my balm is kinda grainy.

    All in all I m just not happy, though I hv read gud reviews abt this brand.

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