– truly an amazing website!!!

Standard – truly an amazing website!!!

Hi all, I am reviewing a website Not many of you know of this website as compared to the popullar flipkart, medplusbeauty, healthkart, purple, violetbag, yebhi, jabong etc etc.

 Here is what happened and we came across….

My sister was looking to buy One Million men’s perfume by Paco Rabanne. She placed an order with The time taken to ship this product was 7 – 10 days. 13 days down and the product never arrived from Then my sister called up the customer care and she was told she could cancel the order if she wants to. Disappointed, she went ahead and cancelled the order LL. With only 1 week to go for her friend’s birthday, she had very less time to arrange for a One Million perfume. She was surfing and she logged into The time taken to ship was 3 – 5 days. She even managed to get a coupon and the price was pretty reasonable. Happily, she placed the order on Sunday. On Monday, she received an email saying the product was shipped through Fedex. On Tuesday, she received the product JJJ. The product looked brand new. The plastic cover on the perfume was intact. I didn’t see any tampering of any sort.

I was soo impressed listening to her that I decided to order an Azzaro Chrome men’s perfume that I wanted by Friday. I got a discount coupon for this perfume as well. I placed the order on Tuesday and yes, it did arrive by Thursday.

Guys, if you are reading this please do checkout They sell only perfumes. They have a wide collection of perfumes and their service is simply swift. 

One million

And, no more shopping from They didn’t even bother to tell us that they don’t have the product. We were told about this only we called them to enquire.

Ratings: 5/5… I am very happy with my purchase at

Will I repurchase? Yes, if I need to buy a perfume, then will be my choice.

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