Lakme Eyeconic Kajal Review


For my 25th post, I decided to blog about the most used product in the past 4 months. No Indian gal would step out without kohl in her eyes. As a beginner, I first started with wearing kohl on my waterline. I have tried and tested many products to find my HG kohl/ kajal/ eyeliner. This post is dedicated to the most loved cosmetic brand and the most loved cosmetic product of India. I have completely used up my lakme eyeconic kajal. Read further to know more about the product.


Price: Rs 199.. I got it as a gift from a friend

Quantity: 0.35 gms

I have these really big eyes (yes, yes, pweety Indian eyes :D) and using a kajal is a must for me. Back in India I was‘nt using this kajal as much. I felt that it kinda smudged off my waterline. Its very hot n humid in India and could be one of the reasons why it smudged so much. I feel this kajal is best for lining your upper lashline. It stays put all day. I moved to the East Coast. Its really really cold here. Shiversss… My gel liners have started to dry up so I switched to eyeconic kajal that I got with me. I have been using this on my waterline and upper lashline and yesss, it did a great job. It didn’t smudge, jet black, very smooth application but it did fade after a few hours. I noticed that it did not harden and stayed creamy in this cold weather. I was happy that it did not drag my eyes. It has a glossy finish and doesn’t turn matte after application. Using a kajal pencil does save a lot of time as compared to the gel liner. I go to school and I am rushing all the time, I have been reaching out to lakme eyeconic as it is easy to use when you are crunching on time. I was using this almost everyday; I didn’t realize I had finished this product.

(above) one swipe (below) two swipes

Tip: I know its easy to line your waterline/lower lashline but its very important to line your upper lashline. I used to be this girl who just lines the lower lashline but over time I have realized the importance of lining the upper lashline. Its ok to line only your upper lashline but its kinda drab to just line your lower lashline. To explain it better I have shown some pictures.


lined only on the waterline

lined on the waterline and the upper lashline

With colored Eyeliner on the upperline and black on the waterline

Heavily lined eyes, eyeshadow and mascara

There are many ways to do your eyes, I keep trying new ways.


  1. Jet black
  2. Smooth application as its very creamy
  3. Best for lining upper lashes
  4. Easy to use
  5. Stays creamy and doesn’t harden in the cold weather


  1. Fades after a while
  2. Smudges in hot n humid weather

Rating: 4/5… I did like it but it could have been better in terms of staying power and staying smudgefree

Would you repurchase? I would have loved to, as it works well in the cold weather here.

Finally here is a pic of me…


Lakme is not sold in the US. I am searching for a new one to replace this. If you have any suggestion for a good drugstore eyeliner that I can try please leave a comment below. 🙂

I did end up buying a few eyeliners. I have mentioned them in a post here.

P.S.: Excuse those brows, I have been grooming them on my own.

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