A tiny-miny $15 ELF haul


When you are in the US, you cannot not buy elf. Well, right now I have too many cosmetics lying in my vanity that I need to finish up. But then one day I saw that elf had a free shipping on $15 and I couldn’t resist and instantly placed my order. And here is all the things I bought…



All the products I purchased are from the studio line and each costs $3. I bought the products at full price.


All these products arrived packed in a bubble packet in a drawstring bag. All the products from the studio line have a matte black packaging which just looks gorgeous.


This was my first elf haul. I decided to buy a few things. The packet reached me after a week, say 5 or 6 working days.


  1. Brow kit in Medium: My sister decided to keep my NYX brow kit so I needed one for myself. I got this in the medium.
  2. Mineral Eyliner in Black: I am hoarding on black eyeliners suddenly. My bf complimented me that he likes my dark kohl lined eyes. I prefer the twist up eyeliners than the pencil ones. I hate wasting product while sharpening  them.
  3. Cream Eyeliner in Black: My Maybelline studio gel liner is about to finish up and I needed a replacement. So got this one. I find it easier to use pencil liners as it is easier than the gel liners but the gel liners last longer and are smudge free. I will use this one for a while and test how it works and will invest in a MAC one soon (Read: If I get good grades)
  4. Angled eyeliner brush: I saw people raving about an angled liner brush to make the winged liner. I am going to learn how to using this brush -_-
  5. Powder brush: Everyone raves about this one elf product. So I decided to go ahead and buy the famous powder brush from ELF. Its a flat top, very dense and soft brush. I am to use and see if this sheds hair.
  6. Essentials Brightening eye color in Drama: This eyeshadow is a gift I got with the purchase. This is from their essential line and costs $1. You can create a black/grey smokey eye using Drama. The essential line has a white packaging which looks flimsy.

Do keep an eye on the elf as they have good offers online. They usually ship free over $35 else $6.95 on ground shipping. I purchase them online as I do not have an elf counter near me. You can purchase them at Target. They also have an elf store in the NYC.

P.S.: I will do a detailed post the above products if I happen to like  or hate any of these extremely.

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