Nail Polish Haul/ Dollar tree haul and what I found!!!


I made a trip to the dollar store and I went a bit nail polish crazy. I ended up picking 8 nail colors in total.

6 of them from LA colors. I am not a huge fan of this brand. I once got their liquid eyeliner and it was just soo horrible. It had absolutely no pigment. It is a dollar of just nothing. Don’t buy this ever. I don’t feel like buying their cosmetics after this dud.

But do check out their nail polish range. They are quite good. The bottle packaging is quite cute and sturdy with a matte black lid and they have a huge color range too. The staying power is quite ok. Do invest in a good top coat like seche vite. This does the job.

So these are the nail colors that I bought


LA Colors:

  1. NP 529 Lost soul NP529
  2. NP 449 Lush Lavender Lot
  3. CNP 523 Mink
  4. CNP 504 Sea Foam
  5. CNP 508 Aquatic
  6. NP 433 Sea Siren




Wetnwild beauty benefits



There is no shade number or name listed on these. They came well packed and are both by WetnWild. The artmatic has a lesser quantity and hence the more expensive of the two. This is the first time I am buying these. I am yet to test and see how they fare.

And errrr look what I found…

I thought Aquafina always catered to water and soft drinks. Guess what they are getting into skin care. Interesting… And I found these lip products at dollar tree – a lip balm and a lip oil both of these are fruity flavoured ones. The lip oil is something that I am looking forward to trying. I will do a detailed post on them soon. Image

I checked on their site and their skincare page is currently under construction.

Would you buy aquafina skincare products???

P.S.: All the products listed in this post are $1 each

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