LA colors Eyeliner (DON’T EVER BUY THIS!)


If you ever come across this so called eyeliner just don’t buy this. I spotted this at dollar store and got it for a buck and it does nothing.

LAcolors3 LAcolors2

Quantity: 0.22 fl OZ.

Price: $1

Ingredients: They have mentioned the ingredients on the packaging


Product Claims: Specially formulated for long lasting wear. Ultra-fine brush applicator ensures accurate & precise lining.

My experience with the product:

The packaging of the product is quite nice and I was hoping the product will be mediocre but it is one of the worst product I ever bought.

Now going on to the product itself, it’s sooo watery and if you have even slightly oily lids, forget it. Well I did give it a few tries. I shook the bottle quite a few times and it got a little better but not something that I can use. And it washes of effortlessly. I took pictures of these so you know what it looks like. And now it’s gone in the bin. But I have to mention that I have tried their nail colors and they are really good and something that I liked. You can check out my LA colors nail polish collection here. I won’t be buying/ trying any other products from this brand.





  1. Not at all pigmented
  2. No staying power
  3. Bad product

Will you repurchase? Never

Ratings: Whaaat??!!

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