DIY Makeup Remover


I am sure most of you have already read about this DIY makeup remover on some other blog. If you haven’t yet tried this easy DIY then let me tell you that you should definitely try this. I finished up my makeup remover and was researching in the blog world to see which one to buy next. I went to Walmart to buy one. Most of them had a tiny quantities and cost about $3 to $7 and then I saw this cute travel size no more tears Johnson baby shampoo and decided instantly that I will make my own makeup remover.

I bought the tiny cute baby shampoo for 97 cents and already had the rest of the things at home. Here is a step by step details on how I made my makeup remover.

You will need:

1)      Baby shampoo – As much as the tiny bottle 1.5 fl oz

2)      Olive oil or coconut oil or you can use both – 2 tablespoons, 1 tablespoon of each as I mixed both here. You can also try almond oil

3)      Vitamin-e oil – 5 drops. This is optional. Vitamin-e is known to have preserving properties and is also good for skin.

4)      Water – I boiled the cold tap water and let it cool down before adding it

5)      Empty container – To store your final product.

6)      Sharpie or a marker – To label your final product

1DIY rem


Step 1: Peel off any stickers from your bottle and wash the container with a diswash liquid and rinse it with hot water.

2DIY rem

And this what you will have

3DIY rem

Step 2: Pour the baby shampoo in the container. There’s going to be some spillage of product. Lay some paper towels and work on it.

4DIY rem

Step 3: Fill upto 3/4ths with water. Make sure you have enough space to pour your oil. And we need the empty space on the top to be able to shake it.

5DIY rem

Step 4: Then add your oils. 1 tablespoon coconut oil, 1 tablespoon olive oil, few drops of vitamin oil

6DIY rem

Step 5: This is what it will look like.

7DIY rem

Step 6: Give it a good shake and label it and voila! Its ready…

8DIY rem 9DIY rem

You can use this on your face and eyes as it won’t sting you. Be sure to shake the bottle every time you use it.



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