April Face Wash Review


I had picked up this face wash a while ago from the dollar store. It’s time to review this as I have almost finished up the product.


Price: $1

Quantity: 5.1 oz/145gms

Product Claims: Enriched with green tea and vitamin-e. I am assuming that it should contain these ingredients. It doesn’t as per the ingredient list.



My thoughts on the Product:

It is a decent face wash that comes in a gel form. It has mild to no scent. It doesn’t come across as a cheap product. It does a good job of cleansing your skin. What I really liked about the product is it doesn’t lather much meaning it doesn’t contain too much of SLS which can be a little drying on your skin. I have used this product for a really long time from the winter through the summer and noticed that it didn’t dry out my skin at all nor did it irritate or break out my skin or anything of that sort. For dollar store skincare, this one’s really good.  And this tube really lasted for a very long long time. All you need is a pea size of the product. The nozzle of the tube is perfect for the texture of the product. You won’t have a wastage or spillage of any product. All in all it’s just an average product that does the job right, no high claims; nothing. You can just try this out if you are in the ‘bath products’ aisle of the dollar store. April also makes other versions of face wash and some other bath products.



1)      Gel face wash

2)      Doesn’t dry up the skin

3)      Effective in cleaning the skin

4)      Price

5)      No bad reactions on skin



Nothing that I can really think of!

Ratings: 3.75/5..

Will you repurchase? No.. I am always trying out new products. I have already purchased another one as this is about to finish.

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