Assured Antiseptic Mouth Rinse Review.. Dollar Tree Product


Well, I decided to do a post on this coz this product needs a mention. I went to Walmart to buy a mouthwash and I stood for the longest time in Walmart’s oral care aisle. I couldn’t decide on a mouthwash. I walked into dollar tree and picked up their mouthwash to use it for the time being, until I was able to decide on one. The one I picked was Asuured Antiseptic mouth rinse in Blue Mint.


Brand: Assured

Price: $1

Quantity: 500ml/ 16.9 fl ounce



My Experience with the mouthwash:

I am a little picky about mouthwashes. I don’t like the ones that have a funny taste or is too strong on mint. I don’t like the ones which burn your mouth even after diluting them. This dollar store item did perform exceptionally, well beyond my expectations. I liked it very much. It didn’t do anything that I hate about the mouthwashes. I ended up using this to the last bit. I always poured about 1/5th of the cap with mouthwash and then diluted with water. Gargle for a good 45 seconds and no need to rinse. I was happy with the results (read: no bad breath). This mouthwash is supposed to have antibacterial properties. I must that I didn’t get any ulcer or nothing wrong happened while I was using this mouthwash.


  1. Very affordable
  2. No strong mint
  3. No funny taste
  4. No burning sensation in mouth
  5. Performed very well

Dislikes: Nothing at all..

Will I repurchase? I think I will repurchase it down the line coz I totally liked it. For now, I am trying another one.

Ratings: 4.9/5…


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