Eucerin Hand Cream Review


I use a lot of hand creams and I use it all year round and use a lot more during the winters. I picked up this eucerin hand cream at my local dollar tree. When I saw it at dollar tree, I picked it up without a thought because I have used Eucerin and I love the brand Eucerin.


Price: $1

Quantity: 2.7 oz/ 78 gms

Product Claims: Nourishing glycerin fortified daily crème with a balancing pH buffer strengthens skin’s protective barrier and moisturizes as it defends

How to use: I carry this with me all the time and apply this as and when needed.



My experience with the hand cream:

This product is marked 2 on a scale of lightweight to rich. If you are familiar to this brand, you would know that Eucerin has this mark on all its products. So this is towards lightweight. The consistency of the product is perfect. You just need to apply a dime size and rub it in between your palms. For a hand cream, I prefer a product that is not too greasy and keeps my hand well moisturized. With this product, I have noticed that my hands are instantly moisturized without making it greasy. I can go back to writing immediately after I have applied it during a class. It smells a little mint like. The fragrance in this is very subtle, it’s gone after you have applied the product. I totally like this product. I would carry this everywhere and it has a sturdy packaging with a flip top cap.



  1. Non greasy
  2. No funny smell
  3. Feels moisturized
  4. Travel friendly


Frankly, nothing at all

Ratings: 4.9/5

Will I repurchase? Yes, if I am not trying anything new, I’ll definitely buy this one. For a buck, its a great product. Grab one if you see this!

P.S.: I always make it a point to finish the entire contents before I dive into a review.

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