Hey there, Welcome to my blog BlackEyedBeauty. This is another beauty blog where you can find reviews about various products from my perspective. I deal with acne prone, acne scarring, oily and sensitive skin. Most of the products that I review on this blog here  surround around these problem areas. I also like to hoard on lip products and body lotions. I shop online most of the times, so you can find reviews about online shopping websites. I am a make up novice. You will also find some basic make up tutorials on this blog. I stumbled upon youtube and other beauty blogs when I was looking for reviews about various products that would suit my problem skin. That is when my interest in skin care and make up grew and I started writing this blog.


More about me….

Age: 27

Lives in: Ohio, United States

From:  Mumbai, MH, India

Skin Type: acne prone, combination to oily, skin is oilier in the  summers, normal to slightly dry during the winters

Hair Type: Straight and Fine hair shoulder length. In summers, I need to take extra care as my scalp gets oily and the hair falls flat.

Hair Color: Dark Brown originally; I have tried burgandy and right now I sport light brown hair which I think suits me. I want to experiment lighter hair

Eye Color: Dark Brown that almost looks black; I do not wear lenses or specs but would like to try colored lenses some day.

Things I hate: Anything that smells lavender, any product that feels minty and cold tingling sensation and the products that make a mess with their packaging

My color matches:

MAC face and body: C3

Loreal True Match: W4

Disclaimer: All the products are reviewed here after I use them for a considerable amount of time. All the reviews are my honest opinion of I how I find the product after I have used them. What worked for me may not work for you. The sarcasm that I may use in the content of my reviews are purely for humor and no offense meant to anyone or anything. The pictures used on the blog are mine. Please use my permission before you use them. The pictures posted on this blog are all mine. Do not copy or use the pictures without my permission. If you have any queries, suggestions or PR related inquiries, please drop me a mail at

  • amu_blackeyes@yahoo.com
  • msblackeyedbeauty@yahoo.com

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