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Tresemme ReverseYourRoutine Product Review

Tresemme ReverseYourRoutine Product Review

Today I am going to review about Tresemme’s latest products, their volumizing shampoo, and conditioner in which you #ReverseYourRoutine. Read on to know what I think about these products.


First of all, I would like to put out there that I have very fine, straight hair that gets greasy very easily and also tangles a lot. I often need volumizing products and I cannot skip the conditioner. As a result, my hair gets extremely greasy and I have to wash my hair often. This is a major problem, especially during the summers. Using a conditioner at the end makes my hair turn greasy very quickly. Long ago, I had read a tip where they suggested that conditioner must be used before the shampoo. This didn’t work very well as my hair would become unmanageable. So I didn’t stick to using this tip as the conditioner wasn’t formulated to be used before shampoo. I went back to using the usual shampoo and then conditioner routine and used a truck load of products to keep my hair volumized.

I am so glad that Tresemme finally formulated a product to tackle this situation. There are many out there who have fine hair and don’t necessarily use a lot of products. So this conditioner-shampoo is a great solution to keep the hair voluminous, tangle-free and manageable. Moving on to the products, both the products are white in color and have a very pleasant floral fragrance which I think is a little different from the rest of the Tresemme products that I have used so far.


The pre-wash conditioner is a thicker consistency than a usual conditioner. There are no instructions on the bottle as to how long you need to keep the product. I have used this product a few times now. I have left this in my hair for as long as five minutes and also have tried washing it off almost immediately after applying it. I must say, it works very well both ways. The shampoo leaves your hair smelling great, voluminous and manageable. I have been loving this product for the summer. This is my holygrail products during these summer months. I haven’t had to wash my hair that often.

This is an answer for everyone with fine hair that has struggled with greasy hair and products that weigh down your hair. This is a drugstore product that won’t hurt your wallet. Give this product a try and you won’t be disappointed.

Will I Repurchase? Yes, I definitely will.



Disclaimer: I received these products for review purposes.


Eucerin Hand Cream Review


I use a lot of hand creams and I use it all year round and use a lot more during the winters. I picked up this eucerin hand cream at my local dollar tree. When I saw it at dollar tree, I picked it up without a thought because I have used Eucerin and I love the brand Eucerin.


Price: $1

Quantity: 2.7 oz/ 78 gms

Product Claims: Nourishing glycerin fortified daily crème with a balancing pH buffer strengthens skin’s protective barrier and moisturizes as it defends

How to use: I carry this with me all the time and apply this as and when needed.



My experience with the hand cream:

This product is marked 2 on a scale of lightweight to rich. If you are familiar to this brand, you would know that Eucerin has this mark on all its products. So this is towards lightweight. The consistency of the product is perfect. You just need to apply a dime size and rub it in between your palms. For a hand cream, I prefer a product that is not too greasy and keeps my hand well moisturized. With this product, I have noticed that my hands are instantly moisturized without making it greasy. I can go back to writing immediately after I have applied it during a class. It smells a little mint like. The fragrance in this is very subtle, it’s gone after you have applied the product. I totally like this product. I would carry this everywhere and it has a sturdy packaging with a flip top cap.



  1. Non greasy
  2. No funny smell
  3. Feels moisturized
  4. Travel friendly


Frankly, nothing at all

Ratings: 4.9/5

Will I repurchase? Yes, if I am not trying anything new, I’ll definitely buy this one. For a buck, its a great product. Grab one if you see this!

P.S.: I always make it a point to finish the entire contents before I dive into a review.

Cloverine Salve Review


Vaseline is undoubtedly the most useful and the most used items in our beauty kit. I have seen Vaseline for so many years. I have used Vaseline in all sizes – the huge tubs to the small ones as well. However, off late I am kind of bored with Vaseline and have been experimenting with different brands and products. I was recently shopping on drugstore.com and came across this product ‘Cloverine salve’. I instantly bought it. I have used the Smith Rosebud salve and the C.O.Bigelow salve and was tempted to try this one too. Read below to see if this product can be replaced Vaseline or not.

clove1 clove2

Price: $3.99

Quantity: 1 oz./ 28.4gms

Ingredients: The active ingredient is petrolatum


Claims: No fancy claims.


My thoughts on the product:

This brand and the product have been around since 1860 but this is the first time I have actually come across this salve. This is a clear balm, packed in this beautiful and pretty white tin with mild to no scent. The mild scent is very fresh which I thought was like fennel seeds. The fact that this salve is clear makes me feel I am going to use it in many different ways. The Smith and CO Bigelow salve are tinted ones and I end up using it only on my lips.


The word ‘salve’ already makes me think this is going to be a very lightweight balm. And Cloverine salve is exactly what I thought. I first applied Cloverine on my lips and it gives a luxurious feeling to my lips. I simply fell in love with the product. Also this product doesn’t have a tingling sensation that I find quiet annoying. What I liked most about this product is its balm like texture. This doesn’t feel oily like the Vaseline. I applied it on the back of my hand and it didn’t leave an oily or a sticky feeling. Your skin instantly soaks it. I think it’s a great product to carry in your handbag. It’s a sleek and pretty tin. However, I feel the lid of the tin is very loose and it may just open in my handbag and create a mess. This is the only complain I have with the product. Also, the packaging and fragrance is very unisex. So anyone can have this product. I think this is a great product to have in your bag. I am that I bought this as I was completely bored of using my Vaseline.


  1. The consistency and the texture of the salve
  2. Pretty tin packaging
  3. No fragrance
  4. Clear balm
  5. Available in many drugstores
  6. Anyone can use it


  1. The lid of the tin is loose

Will you repurchase? If I am able to finish this one, I will.

Ratings: 4.8/5…


Have you guys used cloverine or any other salve? If you guys have any amazing salve suggestions please leave your comments below.